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  • Nov 02 2020
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PayPal is an online transaction tool that is used to send and receive online money into different accounts all around the world without any problem and hassle. PayPal has come a long way since 2002 and has been the best in the business since 2002, without any doubt. PayPal has a history of millions of satisfied customers, and millions are using this platform without any hesitation.


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Keeping in view the users of the PayPal online transaction system, merchants do not have any reason for not accepting PayPal as a payment system. PayPal claims that it has 305 million currently active users and 22 million presently active merchants. There is no doubt that PayPal captures a massive market than any other online transaction system in the world.

PayPal is an easy-to-use system at the moment. You do not need to sign any kind of contract before using PayPal as your payment system. You need to create your account with a few steps, and you are ready to go right away.

Here in this review article, we have discussed PayPal in detail. People who need to know about PayPal can have a clear understanding of what PayPal is and how it is beneficial for its customers.


Deposit and Withdrawal Methods in PayPal?

Generally speaking, PayPal offers a variety of options to deposit or withdraw money from your PayPal account without any hassle. The best thing about PayPal is that you can spend your money anywhere on the internet, where PayPal is accepted as a payment system.

Secondly, you can transfer your amount directly into your bank account if you do not want to use it for any online transaction. Withdrawing your amount into your local bank account does not take long, but it usually takes two to three business days to complete the transaction.

Thirdly, the most exciting feature of PayPal is its PayPal MasterCard. PayPal Debit MasterCard provides you with the facility to have your hands on your cash instantly without any wait. If you withdraw using a bank account, it may take two or three days, but using PayPal Debit MasterCard, you can transfer your amount without any delay. Moreover, PayPal MasterCard can also be used in any shop where MasterCard is accepted.


Deposit Methods:  Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank account, PayPal Debit MasterCard.

Withdrawal Methods:  Bank account, PayPal Debit MasterCard, Online purchasing.


Does PayPal charge anything?

Nothing in this world comes without any cost. For using service, you have to pay the price. PayPal is no different than others in this matter. However, PayPal charges you a very minimal amount as compared to other online vendors available in the market.

Creating an account on PayPal, attaching your bank account is free. Moreover, depositing money into your PayPal account does not come with any cost. However, for depositing money from your PayPal account will charge you.


Withdrawing your amount from your PayPal account using your bank account is free, but only if you use the standard withdrawal method. The standard withdrawal method takes two to three or even more days to transfer the amount into your local bank account. However, if you want to get your hands on your amount instantly, then you will have to use the instant withdrawal method of PayPal, and that will cost you around 1% of the total transaction, with a maximum fee of $10.

Other than that, you will have to pay the extra fee if you are sending money to any other country in the world. Moreover, you will also have to pay the currency conversion fee if you are sending or withdrawing money in a local currency other than dollars.


Is PayPal secure enough to use?

The primary concern of every user while selecting any online transaction system is its security. People are more concerned about their funds, whether funds are safe or not. Keeping your financial information secure is at PayPal’s absolute priority. There is a reason why 305 million people are using PayPal as their online transaction system, and one of the reasons for that is its security.


PayPal does not share your financial information with any of the vendors all around the world. So, purchasing anything on the internet is secure if you use PayPal.

PayPal monitors transactions 24/7 to keep track of all the transactions and to ensure that transactions are not being misused.

PayPal also offers the refund policy if you do not receive order if you purchase anything online. PayPal system is encrypted and protected, and it is not easy to hack into the database of PayPal.

What are the benefits of using PayPal?

PayPal is one of those systems that provide its customers with the best facilities. PayPal comes with many benefits for its users.

1 – Widely Accepted:

PayPal has an incredible user base, which makes it most reliable and safe option for the people to go. If you are interested in building online business or you are new in the online field and do not know which transaction system would be best for you, then PayPal is the option for you.

Trust and recognition of the people are associated with it, which makes it a trustworthy option for everyone.

2 – Instant Access to Cash:

When you get your money into your account, you can instantly use that money without any transaction clearance or any other thing like that. You can spend your money online where PayPal is accepted, and 22 million merchants accept PayPal. If you want to withdraw money instantly, then PayPal Debit MasterCard is the best option for you. However, if you are not using the PayPal Debit MasterCard option, then you will also have the option of instant bank withdrawal, as we discussed above.

3 – Transparent Pricing:

PayPal has been very transparent in its fee structure and does not charge anything which is not disclosed. Some of the vendors have hidden fee charges as well, but PayPal is free of any such thing. There are not any account creation fee, annual fee, cancellation fee, and anything like that.

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